We do our best to protect the environment and conservation of natural resources to provide all the means available to ensure the provision of high quality services...

Open Data

Based on the Authority's vision on serving researchers, students and those interested in the environmental issue, we are pleased to present a package of various data in different environmental fields in order to benefit from it in improving the environmental work in the Sultanate....


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Sultan Qaboos Environmental Award

Sultan Qaboos Award is one of the prestigious awards in the field of environment. It is also the first Arab award awarded ......

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Nature Conservations

Safeguarding natural resources, elements of biodiversity, natural habitats and biodiversity in the Sultanate is a very important issue....

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Environment Indicators

Environmental indicators play an important role in supporting decision-makers and providing them with accurate data that reflects the environmental situation in the Sultanate. From this standpoint, the Environment authority seeks to provide this package of environmental indicators on its site and update it for use in accordance with the requirements of environmental work and research....

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Environment & Sustainable Development

The Sultanate was characterized by pioneering initiatives in the field of environmental work inherent in the rapid economic and social...

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