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The founder of environmental work

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Historical Background

The great deceased  of Oman his Majesty the late  Sultan Qaboos bin Said bin Taymur Al Said - may God rest his soul -was the architect of the environmental work in the Sultanate , his eternal march in the process of institutional and legislative environmental building at the national and global levels, with the beginning of the Renaissance at The reins of government in Oman in 1970, and at an early stage of the state’s life, laid the foundation stone for organizing and managing environmental work, as the Royal Decrees graduated in the environment sector, confirming the development of the legislative side over the past five decades of his rule, and the historical starting point was with the establishment of the Office of the Environmental Protection Adviser in 1974. In the same year, a public agency for environmental protection and pollution control was established under Royal Decree No. 14/79, followed by the establishment of the Environmental Protection and Pollution Control Council in 1979 by Royal Decree No. 68/79 and in 1984 the Ministry of Environment was established under Royal Decree No. 45 / 84 Royal Decree, after which Royal Decrees continued until the announcement of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs as an independent institution concerned with the environment by Royal Decree No. 90/2007 on September 9 November 2007

The full text of the royal speech

His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said bin Taimur Al Said - may God rest his soul -

We are pleased on the occasion of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development to address the whole world, and we speak to the two conferences in particular, recalling their previous international meeting in (Stockholm) That historic meeting, which is the first correct step, to establish a healthy relationship between man and his environment, twenty years have passed since that meeting, during which the world witnessed many environmental disasters resulting from its conflicts and the commission of its hand, before it realized the dangers of danger again. We are in the Sultanate of Oman In the Arab world, we would like to pay tribute to the decision of the United Nations General Assembly, and its organizational role for this conference, as we thank the friendly government of Brazil, for its effort and coordination. As a scientist living together, on this earthly planet, we have neglected a lot of the issue of preserving the environment, natural resources In the absence of collective coordination, but we went in the opposite direction in a strange race in search of luxury and industrial progress, without taking into account the assumed balance between development and the environment, and without taking into account the dire effects of this industrial progress on our atmosphere and the Ozo layers The waters of rivers and seas, the extinction of life and forests, and fertile soil contamination, and if the situation continues in this way, humankind may witness a kind of collective suicide. O conferees ... The preservation of the environment is a collective responsibility that is not bounded by the political borders of countries, this has been proven only once Accordingly, wherever it is, a person must contribute to preserving the environment, reconcile with it, deal with it rationally, and pay attention to the many causes of pollution, whether natural, biological, industrial, chemical, or physical, and for many people, limit random reproduction and preserve On what remains of its pastures and waters, away from the effects of desertification and drought, we also call on the industrialized world to stop this technological competition and race against it, and to narrow the wide gap in the global economy, between it and the developing countries, in order to maintain the required balance between the desired development And keep his environment pure. We are confident that your conference will attach the utmost importance to the issues related to this issue. We in the Sultanate of Oman with our personal attention and our permanent directives to our government and in coordination with the countries surrounding us, we are making sincere efforts to preserve our environment and regional waters away from pollution and noise, and the Gulf region and the Middle East have recently witnessed unfortunate environmental disasters It is painful as a result of its conflicts, and unless the regional problems are resolved in a proper way, the efforts made to preserve the environment and continue in rational development remain prone to waste. I hope that the global breakthrough and its positive orientation to the settlement of the trouble spots will allow us to turn together and join together regardless of ideologies to address all development and environment issues in a spirit From harmony, love and peace for a healthy and pure life for us and our future generations.

The Earth Summit Conference,

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

3/6/1992 1992

The Omani environment, from the beginnings of the blessed renaissance march, enjoyed the sublime patronage of the late, God willing - His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said bin Taymur Al Said - may God rest his soul - for his deep interest in protecting it and preserving its resources as a natural heritage Very important, and a renewed balance of development plans and projects. And that His Majesty's directives and supreme thought is a starting point towards the importance of optimal use of the country's natural resources as property of all generations, and it is the basic pillar of the national strategy for the protection of the Omani environment, as this strategy succeeded in achieving many achievements at the level of environmental work inside the Sultanate, which was represented in the subjection of establishments and factories Laws regulating the protection of the environment, the preservation of natural resources, and wildlife. The requirements of preserving the environment have become a basic pillar and a mechanism that is in line with development plans that seek to introduce environmental considerations in all stages of planning and implementation of the country's development projects, enhance environmental awareness, support principles of sustainable development, and develop relationships in environmental fields. Climate and between the Sultanate and other countries and find broad areas to cooperate with specialized bodies and organizations, and to ensure environmental safety and pollution control and environmental balance within the framework of sustainable development goals, and to establish concepts and requirements for dealing with environment and climate at all levels and to represent the Sultanate in regional and international conferences.

Business process Of the environment during the reign of the late Sultan - may God rest his soul -


  • Establishing the office of the Environmental Protection Adviser in 1974
  • Establishing a public authority for environmental protection and pollution control in 1979
  • Establishing the Environmental Protection and Pollution Control Council in 1984
  • Announcing The Sultan Qaboos Prize for Environmental Protection in 1989
  • Establishment of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs in 2007
  • Accession to and ratification of a number of international agreements, the latest of which was the ratification of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change in 2019
  • The announcement of the establishment of 20 natural reserves a year ago, the last of which was the announcement of the Adhwaa Al-Nujoom and the Western Stone reservations in 2019


Sultan Qaboos Prize for Environmental Protection

The Sultanate’s role in preserving the environment, according to the wise guidance of His Majesty the late Sultan Qaboos bin Said bin Taymur Al Said - may God rest his soul, obtained Arab, regional and international recognition. The Omani Committee for Education, Culture and Science and the permanent delegation of the Sultanate at UNESCO play a major role in enhancing the Sultanate’s role in preserving the environment in cooperation with the UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Program
15 international bodies have been awarded the award since its official launch
Sultan Qaboos Prize for Environmental Protection Since its inception in 1989, it has honored 15 entities, institutions, reserves, individuals and groups in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America, the last of which was after the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) announced the award of the Sultan Qaboos Prize for Environmental Protection for the year 2019 to the Ashoka Fund Research in Ecology and Environment, ATREE, Republic of India.
These institutions contributed valuable efforts in scientific research, conservation and preservation in the sites registered on the list of the UNESCO World Heritage and Natural Reserves, so that this Arab World Prize is a source of encouragement and inspiration for those who seek to protect the environment of the planet and its resources for humanity, and it is an important catalyst to do more and work To protect the biosphere in which we live


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