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The Environment authority  seeks to continuously develop its services for all customers, and open data is one of these services available to all beneficiaries, in which the authority is keen to highlight everything that is new in accordance with the requirements of the various societal sectors related to the environment  and preserving nature and the available capabilities to provide them, as it adopted the open data policy We have the best internationally approved standards that follow the pre-prepared data methodology that can be easily accessed and used in accordance with the approved regulations for electronic publishing and available with the data package published on the authority's website.

We are pleased to invite you to take advantage of the open data package available on the authority's website and share it  with you in order to contribute to advancing the march of environmental work in the Sultanate and achieving the goals of sustainable development.

We need your cooperation to improve our experience with the published data. Please let us know how to develop the open data package available on the website, and what data you want to obtain and not currently available on the website. We are also pleased to send your opinions and suggestions about your use of this data in a way that enhances the desired community participation, as this will help us in building and designing our data hubs to suit the requirements of the various segments of the local community, and help in measuring the level of interest

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Opinions of some of the beneficiaries of the open data open-box


3 rd September

"The Environment Society of Oman is very supportive of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs initiative to develop an Open Data Platform, which grants access to various users including the public, scientists as well as students to environmental information which can support their initiatives to achieve potentially impactful results in research and conservation."




3 rd September

"No doubt MECA had always contributed with effective sharing of Oil & Gas relevant data pertaining to environmental permits and impact assessment, the Open Data initiative had taken MECA on another level using innovative tools to present and share data with the public."




3 rd September

"As a practitioner interested in assessment and evaluation of programs, I find MECA open data resourceful offering great access to reliable data with high potential to create and sustain positive difference."

Fatma Al Riyami

CEO, xeem Consultancy


3 rd September

"The website is fantastic and very informatics though if it includes detailed guidelines and controlling measures of various environmental aspects will be much better."

Saleh Al Shekaili

Permitting & Compliance Advisor / BP Company


3rd September

"This is a wonderful progress and great step in sharing the information and using it to inform decision-making process. Please keep up all this continuous improvement efforts."

Mohammed Al Shuayli

PDO Company


3 rd September

"After firsthand monitoring of the OD initiative by MECA, I am pleased to report that MECA is at the forefront of the OD movement in Oman both technically and administratively. Behind every successful implementation is a team of dedicated and gifted people and MECA's OD team is an example of this. I believe with strengthened support from the relevant authorities moving forward the OD agenda in Oman, MECA's OD initiative will grow exponentially in the coming months. " (National Open Data Symposium, Sultanate of Oman, October 1-3, 2018)

Matthew Rajendra

Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Green Data Center

Collaborative Open Data Initiatives

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