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Web Browsers open-box

You can surf the website of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs and take full advantage of the services provided through using many popular web browsers. It is important to update the browsing tools as provided by your computer as the modern versions are provided with safety and better benefits.


Moreover, BB Java should be activated in the web browser you are using in order to use the site better. You can use the link below to find out the steps to activate the browser's BB Java in the case of the absence of JavaScript in the web browser:

Font Size open-box

You can adjust the text size by property of enlarging and minimizing the font size in the site. The site text can also be display with the size chosen by the user through the browser itself. In Internet Explorer browser on personal computers (PC), you can choose the appropriate font size through the "View" menu.

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TEXT SIZE open-box

The website of the Ministry has been developed to allow the user to control the text sizes. You can change the size of text in Microsoft Internet Explorer by selecting View> Text Size View> Text size followed by the preferred size of the text you have from the "minimum" to "maximum". The default setting is 'Medium'.

Open and Read Files Programs

The Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs site allows you to display the programs through Adobe PDF Reader:

You can also use the link below to convert documents in PDF to DOC or HTML text directly from the Internet browser and without the need to download any program on your computer.

Mobile and Smart Phones open-box

The website of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs is made available to be surfed via mobile phones, which is a quick and easy version of mobile phones, keeping up with the technical revolution in the field of mobile communication. This version also displays all the contents of the media and service sites in compatible way with its own web browsers.

Furthermore, access to a number of services provided by the website of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs is made available.

Use the keyboard to navigate: open-box

You can easily navigate our website by using the keyboard by following these steps:

We emphasize our endeavor to provide easy and affordable services to all groups and we are pleases to receive your comments on our contact page.

  • Use the arrow buttons to move up or down the page.
  • Use the Tab button to move between links.
  • Use the Return or Enter button to Select the link.
  • Use the backspace button to return to the previous page.


The website of The Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs offers its users many and different communication channels to choose what suits them to communicate and provide us with suggestions, opinions and discussions that help us in providing the best services. You can contact us through following ways:

  1. 1. E-mail
  2. 2. Social communication channels: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

The website of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs polls your opinions continuously about the provided services on a monthly basis in the gap of "opinion poll".
Therefore, we expect your contact to achieve the desired goals of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs website, and provide you with the best services and developing them continuously to serve the users and society as a whole.

Settings and instructions used in the Microsoft Windows operating system: open-box

  • F1: Displays the help file for the current program.
  • F4: Repeat the last operation.
  • F11: Displays the page content in a full screen.
  • Ctrl + Z: To undo the last operation.
  • Ctrl + F10: Minimizes the active window.
  • Tab: Navigate through the elements of a web page.
  • Alt + Tab: Moves between currently used tabs.
  • Windows key + D: Shows the desktop.
  • Windows key + E: To start using the Windows browser.
  • Windows key + U: Opens the Ease of Access window and changes access options on your computer.
  • Ctrl + C: Copies the shaded items to the clipboard.
  • Ctrl + V: Paste the items on the clipboard.
  • Ctrl + X: To cut shaded items (with a copy on the clipboard)
  • Ctrl + N: Opens a new window.
  • Alt + letter: To activate the list represented by a particular character, for example: See the File menu by pressing the Alt + F buttons.

Settings and instructions used on the Apple Macintosh: open-box

  • Command + Shift + ?: Opens the Help window.
  • Command + Z: To undo or repeat an operation.
  • Command + N: Opens a new document in the current application / new browsing window.
  • Command + Q: Exit the application used.
  • Option-Command + M: To shrink open windows and return them to the dock.
  • Option-Command + C: Copies the shaded text format.
  • Command + V: Paste contents in the clipboard where the cursor is.
  • Command + X: Remove the selection and place it in the clipboard
  • Control + F2: Shades the menu bar.
  • Control + F5: Shading the toolbar.
  • Command + M: Minimizes the window.
  • Option-Command + M: Minimize all windows.
  • F 10: Shows all windows.
  • F 11: Shows the desktop window.
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