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Our Strategy

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Protect the Environment ship lead icon

Setting policies and procedures aimed at protecting the Omani environment, eco-systems, habitats, biodiversity, climate change affects, and human wellbeing.


Conserve Natural Resources ship lead icon

Setting policies and procedures directed at conserving our natural resources and preserving the current state of natural environment and, where possible, reversing its degradation by human or natural agents.


Deliver Best Services ship lead icon

Applying LEAN management principles and e-transformation projects to create an environment free from defects and waste to deliver the best possible service to our clients. And by engaging our clients to actively participate in the improvement of our services through continuous dialogue and feedback.


Sustainable Development ship lead icon

Creating rules, regulations and policies to ensure the goals of economic growth and developmental impacts do not compromise the current and future ability to continue growing in a manner that will not deplete the natural resources available, and to ensure that future generations are not harmed by current human activities.


Continuous Development ship lead icon

Setting strategies and processes to strive to improve our services according to the highest standards on a cycle that employs planning implementation and review, as well as feedback from stakeholders (internal and external) to ensure that we continuously meet the demands of an ever evolving world.


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