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Environmental Assessment & Permits Center

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About the Center open-box

The Environmental Assessment and Permits Center was established by Ministerial Decision No. 86/2017  The Center for Environmental Assessment and Permits is responsible for the issuance of environmental permits and the implementation of the Ministerial Decision No. (48/2017) on the issuance of the regulation for the issuance of environmental permits.

The Center seeks to provide all possibilities to ensure provision of high quality services to customers, and pursue continuous development of services in partnership with various government and private entities closely linked with the procedures for issuing environmental permits.

Center Mandates

  • Prepare terms of reference and standards for the preparation of various environmental studies.
  • Prepare environmental controls and requirements for establishing and operating activities.
  • Coordinate with the responsible authorities regarding the environmental impact assessment of the activities.
  • Receive and review applications for environmental permits, conducting field visits, issuing environmental permits and licensing after completing all requirements.
  • Review and evaluate environmental impact studies (EIA) and coordinate with the consultancy offices prepared for the studies.
  • Participate in the preparation and updating of environmental regulations and guidelines as required.
  • Establish database of environmental studies and permits and preparing periodic reports.
  • Submit proposals supporting the improvement and development of the work environment.
  • Participate in the preparation and implementation of specialized technical fields training programs.

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