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Sahl: E-Services System open-box

We at the Environment Authority have pledged ourselves to do our utmost to protect the environment and preserve its natural resources in light of the urban and industrial development witnessed by the Sultanate. Institutions and raise their efficiency through the e-services provided, therefore, the "Easy" system to strengthen these efforts for an integrated e-services system, puts customers from institutions and individuals the focus of the first concerns, to provide them with an exceptional experience to reach the His blood required procedures easy and immediate response.

This came only to achieve the plans and strategies adopted by the Sultanate's government for sustainability and development, an effort that came with institutional and participatory cooperation between the various stakeholders, to contribute together in the economic diversification and financial sustainability and the optimal use of the various resources of the Sultanate, which is an integral part of the Oman Vision 2040 to achieve The Sultanate's objectives are to build a prosperous and sustainable future for present and future generations.

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