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Environment Campaigns

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Clean sea campaign open-box

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The "Clean Seas" initiative comes within the framework of the cooperation with the United Nations Environment Program, which continues with the marine environment in general and coral reefs in particular, and with the aim of engaging the various sectors in the field of environmental protection. These campaigns aim to keep the Omani seas clean from all waste, especially waste Various fishing, such as nets, cages, and others. It also aims to educate society about the importance of preserving the marine environment and encouraging the participation and solidarity of various agencies, government institutions and private sector institutions so that the Sultanate can set an example globally in managing and preserving the marine environment.
  • Date : 01 Feb

Sea turtle returns campaign open-box

Where the campaign is held annually during the incubation period, which extends from the beginning of October to the end of December, and aims to involve the local community in protecting the vocabulary of the marine environment, preserving its natural resources, protecting young turtles and returning them to the sea, and entrenching them with the emerging group, where the community and the civil teams participate in the campaign Volunteerism, along with specialists from the park administration, and some interested and active in social and environmental work, turtles constitute an important factor in the balance of marine diversity, and turtles are a cultural treasure for the Omani environment, a source to attract tourists and lovers of the marine environment, and enhance cooperation in the field of scientific research and studies  
  • Date : 01 Oct
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Qurum culture campaign open-box

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This campaign comes within the framework of the efforts  and the implementation of the master plan for the conservation, management and rehabilitation of mangrove trees environments, which aims to increase the areas of mangrove forests and increase the biological diversity of marine organisms and restore some degraded sites and rehabilitate new sites through the implementation of the project to cultivate one million seedlings of mangrove trees In various locations in the Sultanate, where some of the marshes were rehabilitated and cultivated with mangroves. The number of farmed seedlings has reached 664 thousand seedlings in 32 creek in the various coastal governorates of the Sultanate, in addition to conducting research and studies and applying legislation and laws issued in this regard, along with community participation in Planting seedlings of mangroves, publicizing their importance and increasing environmental awareness among members of society.
  • Date : 01 Sep
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