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Nature Conservation

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The authority is concerned with preparing and implementing laws, regulations, regulations and decisions related to nature conservation and preserving the vocabulary of wildlife, developing and following up the national strategy and bio-diversity action plan and national plans related to coastal zone management, combating desertification and adherence to agreements to conserve nature. It also develops proposals for the establishment of natural reserves, temporary protected sites and sites of special importance and the preparation of their management plans, in coordination with national bodies and regional and international organizations working in the field of nature conservation. It also undertakes field inspection visits and follow-up to the application of laws and environmental requirements and the control and issuance of violations. It also issues permits for biological diversity, entry to reserves and diving. And contribute to assessing the environmental impacts of development projects in the areas of conservation and wildlife, participating in conducting studies and research related to biological diversity and preparing reports on the status of wildlife in the Sultanate, as well as rehabilitating degraded ecosystems and threatening wildlife, and creating and providing wildlife protection units with the technical requirements for daily activities For protecting wildlife from poaching.

Natural Reserves open-box

Study the developmental projects and evaluate environmental impacts on nature conservation and wildlife areas.
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Conservation of Marine Environment open-box

Participate in Studies and research relating to Marine Environment.
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Biological Diversity open-box

Prepare and implement the laws and the regulations that organize the management of the biodiversity.
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Legislation & Laws open-box


Conventions & Agreements open-box

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