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Conservation of Marine Environment

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The Marine Environment Conservation Department is concerned with the implementation of coastal zone and coral reef management plans and supervises the sites of marine natural reserves and contributes to their development and management in partnership with the competent departments, in addition to issuing diving permits for individuals and companies, as well as collecting data related to marine environment resources in the Sultanate and following up on regional agreements And the international community in this regard, as well as participating in studies and research, especially studies related to the rehabilitation of deteriorated areas of Crimea and Khiran

part of the department’s duties and activities:-




  • Participate in Studies and research relating to Marine Environment.
  • Carry out plans of Coastal Zone and Coral Reefs Department.
  • Collect data concerning resources of marine environment in the Sultanate.
  • Follow up regional and international convention on protecting marine environment.
  • Enact laws and regulations governing the Marine Environment Department Permits for (diving).
  • Supervise locations of marine nature reserves and participating in their development and management in cooperation with other competent departments.
  • Prepare studies on rehabilitating Avicennia areas and deteriorated bays.
  • Prepare and carry out programs and strategies related to marine life protection.
  • Supervise Qurm Environmental Information Center (QEIC).
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