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The Environment Authority was established on the eighteenth of August 2020 AD according to the Royal Decree No. 106/2020, after the process of environmental work passed through several organizational and structural stages. And the development of the project to return the Arabian Oryx to its natural habitats  ،  the Environment authority is considered one of the government agencies responsible for developing plans and programs to protect the environment and preserve its natural resources through the application of its policy to ensure the safety of the environment, combat pollution and preserve the various environmental systems within the framework of the basic objectives of sustainable development, protection of wildlife and preservation Nature and the preservation of renewable resources and work to exploit them in a sustainable manner. The authority also contributes to developing the horizons of scientific research in the environmental fields, exchanging experiences, collecting scientific data and benefiting from them, and it is responsible for spreading awareness and instilling concepts of the requirements of dealing with the environment among all groups of society and establishing the principles of preserving the environment and its resources. And contribute to supporting the efforts made in accordance with the objectives P sustainable development
The authority is tasked with issuing environmental laws and legislation as required by the environmental interest, implementing laws and legislations related to natural reserves, the marine environment and biological diversity, and introducing the principle of environmental management as a basic means to raise the efficiency of development projects in all fields in addition to paying attention to environmental control and inspection as the main observatory to identify the environmental situation And assess the environmental impacts and take the necessary measures to confront them

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