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Environment Affairs

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The authority is keen on highlighting the environmental dimension in the development work system at the local, regional and international levels, and affirming the principle of balance between development requirements and preserving the environmental integrity in order to achieve the goals of sustainable development by introducing the principle of sound environmental management as a means to raise the efficiency of development projects in all Domains. In addition to taking care of the environmental impact assessment processes for industrial and service projects and infrastructure projects before they are established, it also organizes regular programs for environmental control and inspection after their operation, as this provides a field diagnosis to identify the existing environmental conditions of the projects, checking the environmental impacts resulting from it after its operation and taking the necessary measures To confront these impacts and prevent them or minimize them to the maximum extent possible, the authority will follow up the implementation of laws, systems, regulations, decisions and national strategic programs for the protection of the Omani environment, and prepare plans and programs to protect the environment in line with national goals and policies and in line with the Sultanate’s commitments to international environmental agreements within the framework of the basic goals of sustainable development, Follow up the implementation, preparation and updating of the national strategy for chemicals management. In addition to studying the environmental impact assessment data for various projects, issuing environmental licenses and approvals, establishing and operating national networks to monitor environmental pollutants such as air quality monitoring stations, implementing regular programs for field inspection visits to projects and establishments in order to follow them up and ensuring the extent of their application of laws, regulations and environmental requirements, and controlling and issuing environmental violations for projects that are not Environmentally committed in addition to preparing data and indicators related to the environment and sustainable development and including them in national reports in accordance with the requirements of relevant international environmental agreements

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Oversee the implementation and follow-up of the national strategy programs for the protection of the Omani en...
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Issue licenses of import, usage, storage and re-export of radioactive materials and licenses for drainage and...
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Prepare environmental protection plans and programs in line with national objectives.
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Prepare, update and implement regulations of protection from radiation, both ionizing and non-ionizing radiat...
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Prepare, implement and update regulations and ministerial decrees in accordance with the provisions of the ch...
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