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Radiation Protection

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The department is concerned with implementing a national strategy to protect the environment from radiation hazards and the attendant need to update environmental regulations and laws concerned with radiation protection, measuring the level of radiation in various environmental circles and by early warning stations to monitor radiation and issuing licenses that regulate the process of using and storing radioactive materials in the Sultanate

examples of departments responsibility 

  • Prepare, update and implement regulations of protection from radiation, both ionizing and non-ionizing radiation.
  • Prepare and implement the Sultanate's strategy to protect against radiation.
  • Run the early warning stations to monitor radiation.
  • Take radiation level measurements in various circles of the Omani environment.
  • Cooperate and coordinate on various local, regional and international levels to exchange information on dealing with radioactive substances in the peaceful applications of them.
  • Provide technical advice to clients dealing with radioactive substances.
  • Issue violations and seizure minutes under the laws and regulations adopted by the Ministry.
  • Issue licenses, inspect clients dealing with the radioactive substances in the Sultanate.




- Regulation of Radiation Protection And the Security and Safety of Radiation Sources and Nuclear Materials

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