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Natural Reserves

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Oman has proceeded to preserve natural habitats and their ecosystems. It has also proceeded to protect wildlife and biodiversity through the declaration of nature reserves and the establishment of special protection areas, the protection of environmental regulations in different forms and the prevention of damage and pollution which may affect the natural habitats in which these types live. Accordingly,  20 nature reserves have been declared till now,

Reserves diversified into:

  • Desert Reserves: Organisms and Fungal Reserves and Al-Saleel National Park.
  • Marine Reserves: Daymaniyat Islands Nature Reserve.
  • Mountainous Reserves: Jabal Samhan Nature Reserve.
  • Marin and Mountainous Areas Reserves: Turtles Reserve

Furthermore, studies are being conducted currently for more than 50 natural sits, . Wetland has been paid special attention. Consequently, nine sites on Dhofar's coast were declared nature reserves; some of them contain archaeological sites such as Khor Rori and Khawr Al Baleed. In addition, Oman has also been keen on making nature reserves tourism attractions on one hand, and trend to encourage scientists and researchers on the other hand as these reserves are essential support in national and international heritage. In conclusion, the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs has issued a book on nature reserves in the Sultanate (link) to introduce the reader to these reserves and provide brief summary of the most important natural resources and policies applied in the management of reserves.


Explore Nature Reserves of Sultanate of Oman

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