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Permit to Manufacture Hazardous Chemicals

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Permit to Manufacture Hazardous Chemicals

Service Provide open-box

Chemicals and Waste Management Department

Service Description open-box

A service providing applicants with a permit to manufacture hazardous chemicals to:
- Sell
- Use
- Export

Service Stages open-box

Terms and conditions open-box

To adhere to the following:
- Royal Decree no. 46/95 issuing the Law on Handling and Use of Chemicals
- Ministerial Decision no. 248/97 issuing the Regulation for the Registration of Chemical Substances and the Relevant Permits
- Ministerial Decision no. 317/2001 issuing the Regulations for Packing, Packaging and Labeling of Hazardous Chemicals
- Ministerial Decision no. 14/2017 specifying the Fees for Obtaining Chemicals Handling Permits

-Hazardous Chemicals Regulations
- The technical specifications of permits issued by the Environment Authority

Targeted sectors open-box

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    Business Services

Channels for applying for the service open-box

- Environment Authority’s website

Time required for processing the service open-box

One (1) working day

Validity of the service open-box

Three (3) years

Documents required open-box

- Chemical Safety Certificate for the manufactured substance
- Plant environmental permit issued via Invest Easy Portal
- Copy of plot sketch (krooki)
- Economic activity and annual production capacity licenses issued by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Investment Promotion
- Submission of semiannual reports throughout the license validity period

Service Outputs open-box

Permit to manufacture hazardous chemicals

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Service Fees

Two hundred Omani rials (OMR 200)

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