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Permit to Possess Certain Species of Oman Wild Animals Bred in Captivity

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Permit to hold wildlife in captivity

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Biodiversity Department – Biodiversity Development Section

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A service providing applicants with a permit to possess certain species of local wild animals as well as imported species of local wild animals bred in captivity. The permit is issued for survey and follow-up purposes.
 Land mammals: Arabian oryx, Arabian leopard, Arabian ibex, sand gazelle, Nubian ibex, striped hyena, Arabian gazelle, chlamydotis, lynx, honey badger, hares, red fox, wildcat, sand cat, Arabian wolf, Rüppell's fox, and other wild species of Oman
 Birds: All kinds of birds including falcons, owls, eagles, ospreys, ostriches, swans, gulls, terns, and other Oman’s wild birds.
 Reptiles: Lizards, snakes and sea turtles.

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Terms and conditions open-box

o To adhere to the following:
o Royal Decree no. 6/2003 issuing the Law on Nature Reserves and Wildlife Conservation
o Royal Decree no. 114/2001 issuing the Law on Conservation of the Environment and Prevention of Pollution
o Ministerial Decision no. 110/2007 issuing the Executive Regulations for the Law on Nature Reserves and Wildlife Conservation
o Ministerial Decision no. 101/2002 regarding Ban on Hunting, Capturing or Shooting Animals Wherever they Found in the Sultanate of Oman
Additional conditions:
o The Environment Authority or the relevant Governorate department/administraton must be notified if the owner wishes to handle the wild animals
o Births, deaths or transfer of possession of the animals must be registered with the Environment Authority or the relevant Governorate department/administration within a maximum period of 7 days
o It is strictly prohibited to bring any wild species from the local environment for domestication purposes
o It is strictly prohibited to release domesticated wildlife into the local environment
o Environment Authority employees shall have access to places where such Oman wild animals are kept

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    Business Services

Channels for applying for the service open-box

The Environment Authority’s website


o Purchase invoice
o Import permit from country of import
For new possession:
o Transfer of possession permit


Permit to Possess Species of Oman Wild Animals


One (1) year provided that data are updated upon animal birth, death or transfer of possession


Seven (7) working days, subject to submission of all required documents and meeting all requirements

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