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Waste Management License

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Waste Management License

Service Provide open-box

Chemicals and Waste Management Department – Waste Management Section

Service Description open-box

A service that provides applicants with a mandatory license to:
o Transport, collect, treat, store, reuse, or carry out final disposal of hazardous waste
o Carry of final disposal of non-hazardous solid waste

Service Stages open-box

Terms and conditions open-box

o To adhere to the following:
- Royal Decree no. 114/2001 issuing the Law on Conservation of the Environment and Prevention of Pollution
- Ministerial Decision no. 17/93 issuing the Regulations for the Management of Non-Hazardous Solid Waste
- Ministerial Decision no. 18/93 on the Management of Hazardous Waste
- Royal Decree no. 115/2001 issuing the Law on Protection of Potable Water Sources from Pollution
- Royal Decree no. 119/94 Ratifying Basel Convention
- Ministerial Decision no. 10/2017 amending some provisions of the Regulations for Hazardous Waste Management
- Ministerial Decision no. 48/2017 issuing the Regulations for the Issuance of Environmental Permits
- The technical specifications of licenses issued by the Environment Authority.
o To submit semi-annual report during the permit validity period.
o Additional conditions:
 For treatment of hazardous waste only or final disposal of non-hazardous waste, applicants shall have the proper environmental permit

Targeted sectors open-box

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    Business Services

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    Government Services

Channels for applying for the service open-box

Environment Authority’s website


- For hazardous waste:
- For treatment:
o Site coordinates
o Waste management plan indicating treatment steps
o The Environmental permit
- For storage:
o Site coordinates
o Waste management plan indicating treatment steps
o Waste details
- For collection:
o Waste management plan
- For transport:
o Civil Defense permit
o Waste management plan
- For reuse:
o Waste management plan along with details of usage processes
o Environmental permit
- For non-hazardous waste:
- For final disposal:
o Waste management plan
o Site coordinates
o Environmental permit


o License to manage hazardous waste
o License to manage non-hazardous solid Waste


Two (2) renewable years


One (1) working day, subject to submission of all required documents and meeting all requirements

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Service Fees

o For management of hazardous waste:
 Fifty Omani rials (OMR 50)
o For management of non-hazardous solid waste:
 No fees

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