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Environmental Occasions

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Earth day open-box

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This event has been celebrated globally since 1970 in order to increase awareness of the society and mobilize its efforts to protect the natural resources of the Earth.
  • Date : 22 Apr

Regional Environment day open-box

Anniversary of the signing of the Kuwait Agreement for Cooperation in the Protection of the Marine Environment from Pollution on this day in 1978, which resulted in the establishment of the Regional Organization for the Protection of the Marine Environment on July 1, 1979
  • Date : 24 Apr
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World Migratory Bird Day open-box

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Celebration began globally starting in 2006 with the aim to increase the awareness of members of the community and mobilize efforts to keep migratory birds.
  • Date : 09 May

International Day for Biodiversity open-box

This occasion is celebrated to mobilize the efforts of the peoples and governments to protect biodiversity, which represents the resource base for all production processes and services to achieve the goals of sustainable development and to stop the degradation of ecosystems and the depletion of resources  
  • Date : 22 May
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Turtles day open-box

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The Sultanate participates with the countries of the world in celebrating this day in order to conserve and preserve turtles.
  • Date : 23 May
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