A field visit to the Islands of Dynamics reveals important aspects of the Nine Islands

A field visit to the Islands of Dynamics reveals important aspects of the Nine Islands open-box

The Environment Authority carried out a field visit to the Daymaniyat Islands Nature Reserve, with the aim of finding all the shores of the reserve and ensuring their cleanliness, and ensuring that the reserve's employees were keen on keeping the shores of the reserve clean and that the reserve's visitors were aware of the importance of maintaining the cleanliness of the places they visited and collecting waste.

This visit was organized by the General Directorate of Nature Conservation and Environment Department in Al Batinah South Governorate, and it was noticed that all the beaches of the reserve are clean, as the reserve's employees collect the waste that was present on the beaches of some islands as part of their monthly work program.

Also, some of the reserve's visitors, whether among the fishermen or the tourist groups, have been violated by going to the islands during this period (the period of banning descent to the islands from the beginning of May to the end of October of each year).

The Daymaniyat Natural Islands are considered one of the natural reserves in the Sultanate, which was declared a nature reserve in 1996 AD, and it is an archipelago of nine islands off the coast of the Wilayat of Seeb and the State of Barka (Daymaniyah, Hayout, Jabal Al Kabeer, Al Jabal Al Saghir, Al Salalah, Lumiya, Qisma, Al Joun, and Children of John. ), And these islands are distinguished by their pristine nature and beautiful scenic landscapes that qualify them to become a museum of nature.

It is characterized by a diversity of physical components between limestone and ancient coral reefs. It also has steep slopes towards the sea, and these slopes continue into the water in a steep slope. The islands are bordered by shallow and wide sandy cliffs, as well as by a prominent coral range.

The Daymaniyat Islands Nature Reserve is the natural habitat for a wide range of wildlife vocabulary, as there is a different group of plants up to 15 species in the land part and a group of algae and marine plants in the marine part.

We also find that many birds of different types take the reserve as a sanctuary due to the availability of food and the nature of the shallow waters of the islands, and the islands are an important station for migratory birds such as the eagle eagle (Pandion haliaetus) and the sooty falcon (Falco concolor), and the island turns into a wonderful panorama when thousands of sea birds migrate during Breeding season, sea turtles take the Daymaniyat Islands Nature Reserve as a nesting station and lay eggs in them every year. In the marine part, we find that there is a diversity of marine organisms and coral reefs, as there are a number of species of marine mammals and fish in the reserve.

This natural difference and calm is what distinguishes these islands and is a source of attraction for the tourism movement in the reserve, where we find tourist groups come to enjoy the beauty of nature in the reserve and to practice activities in it such as swimming, camping and diving, and the presence of the tourist movement in the reserve causes the presence of some wrong behaviors from some that lead to harm to nature. Such as throwing waste and not organizing the places that are visited or disturbing the living creatures in the reserve and tampering with their places.

It is the role of the Environment authority, which has issued laws and regulations that ensure that the components of the natural reserve are not harmed, as it has determined the permits necessary to practice some types of activities within the permissible periods and the authority has set a period of the year. Landing to the islands is prohibited in the period from the beginning of May to the end of October. each year.

The Environment authority has also coordinated with government and private agencies to ensure that there is no waste in the reserve, which comes through visitors to the reserve or through ships passing near the reserve, as the containers of the Omani Holding Company for Environmental Services (Bee'ah) have been allocated for throwing waste, as well as the help of workers in the municipality of Barka and the municipality of Seeb. To collect the remnants discarded by some violators.

The Environment authority would like to thank all individuals and companies that abide by the instructions issued and maintain the cleanliness of the natural reserve. It also thanks the volunteers who contribute to the cleaning campaigns that the authority or other institutions carry out in coordination with the Environment authority