The Environment Agency is organizing an environmental program in the Qurum Reserve

The Environment Agency is organizing an environmental program in the Qurum Reserve open-box

In conjunction with the Sultanate’s celebrations of the Omani Environment Day, the Environment Agency organized an environmental program in the Qurum Nature Reserve, with the aim of identifying the efforts made in the reserve and carrying out a clean-up campaign for the reserve’s beach from waste.

The program began with a speech delivered by His Excellency Dr. Abdullah bin Ali Al-Omari, Chairman of the Authority, during which he stressed the importance of the reserve in preserving the unique mangroves with their innate life and attracting millions of migratory birds every year. He also indicated the importance of continuing to preserve the Omani environment and reduce The use of pollutants such as plastic, praising the efforts made by the reserve's staff.

The program also included an accompanying exhibition about the Mangrove Reserve, the method of planting mangrove seedlings and distributing them to the various governorates of the Sultanate, the stages that the reserve has gone through in terms of development, as well as pictures of the diverse wildlife that the reserve hosts, including migratory birds. For watching sea birds.

During the environmental program, the authority organized a campaign to clean the reserve’s shore from waste, after which it organized an environmental competition in which the Authority’s employees in addition to the guests participating in the environmental program. In conclusion, His Excellency the President of the Authority honored a group of initiators in planting mangroves and wild trees.