Closing Ceremony of the Turtle Commando Program

Closing Ceremony of the Turtle Commando Program open-box

the Environment Agency concludes the program specialized in the protection, control and monitoring of sea turtles (the Turtle Commando Program), which is concerned with the protection, control and monitoring of sea turtles, in which many parties participated and for a period of three months. Using lights, protecting, controlling and monitoring the sea turtles that nest on the Omani beaches, in addition to cleaning the beaches of the waste, especially the effects of Hurricane Shaheen, which the Sultanate has been subjected to during the past days, and raising the awareness of the participants about the importance of turtles and then transferring them through them to the community.
A video presentation and a film about the program were presented, as well as a presentation for the participants, and finally the participants, the sponsoring companies and the supervisors were honored.
The idea of ​​the Turtle Commandos program emerged from several reasons. Because of the global situation of the Corona epidemic and the difficulty of foreign tourism; Domestic tourism flourished and this led to the turtle sanctuary being crowded with a large number of visitors who came to watch turtles nest and hatch baby turtles without their knowledge of the instructions and laws of the reserve. In addition to the small number of observers for this large number of visitors, which led to the loss of control over the control and protection of turtles in the reserve in the past two years, and the program seeks to find effective solutions to meet this challenge.