The Ministry of Environment warns of the danger of the wrong disposal of masks

The Ministry of Environment warns of the danger of the wrong disposal of masks open-box

The Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs said that environmental experts warned of the increasing use of facial masks used to protect against the Corona virus on the environment, because they contain materials that cannot be recycled, as well as products that are often plastic and increase the rate of plastic pollution. Throwing it on the roads and on the beaches has become a health and environmental concern for its impact on wild and marine life, as it may leak to the bottom of the sea and increase plastic pollutants, especially micro-plastic in the sea. Tons of plastic to the seas annually, and they constitute 80% of the wastes present in the seas according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Also, continuing in the case of indifference to them leads to their accumulation in the environment, which may sooner or later cause environmental and health hazards and risks, as a number of Environmental global studies that the presence of these plastic pollutants in the form of small plastic particles are more severe and more harmful to human health N and its environment, as these plastic pieces may be transmitted to the organs of the human body and to fungal organisms living in the environment, and many types of fish consume these pieces (microplastic), and considers them food by mistake, which makes them a threat to a large proportion of those who consume seafood As a main source of protein, the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs is keen on building a sound community awareness in the best way to deal with facial masks that are used in public places and shopping malls, and it is preferable to use reusable masks, which are available in the local market, while ensuring that they are cleaned and disinfected regularly according to the approved specifications and standards In this context, in order to ensure the quality and efficiency of these masks and achieve security and safety and reduce the effects resulting from mixing, in light of the implementation of the decision of the Supreme Committee to discuss a mechanism to deal with developments resulting from the spread of the Corona virus (Covid 19) in a manner that allows coexistence with the Corona virus, the Ministry stresses the need to use the means Correct to dispose of the masks currently used because they pose a risk to health and the environment in order to preserve the health of citizens, in line with the guidelines Technology for the Basel Convention on the Environmentally Sound Management of Biomedical and Health Waste, to Reduce Risks to Human Health and the Environment, and in Accordance with the Guidance Document for the Sound Management of Domestic Waste