The Sultanate celebrates the wildlife day of the Arab Gulf countries

The Sultanate celebrates the wildlife day of the Arab Gulf countries open-box

The Day of Life was celebrated by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs in the Crimean Nature Reserve Innate of the Gulf Cooperation Council states, which falls on December 30 of each year, under  Patronage of His Excellency Najib bin Ali Al-Rawwas, Undersecretary. The slogan for this year’s celebration came “Towards sustainable environmental tourism.” Therefore, the Ministry chose the Crimean Natural Reserve as the headquarters for this year’s belief, in its belief in the importance of eco-tourism and its role in promoting wildlife conservation and enjoying nature and cultural heritage and contributing to the support of the national economy, especially with the significant increase in eco-tourism globally According to the International Tourism Organization, this has risen about 15% over the past years from total global tourism spending. The ceremony started with a speech delivered by Eng. Sulaiman bin Nasser Al-Akhzami, Director General of Natural Conservation at the Ministry, in which he indicated that the Omani eco-tourism is concentrated in several natural components, including the mountains of the Sultanate, where the beauty  The scenic landscape is backed by wildlife, and eco-tourism activities in the mountains are characterized by some Fun and adventure, as mountain climbing, hiking, group camping and cave exploration are held. Deserts are also one of the most important tourist sites in the Sultanate. And where camping activities take place, watching the stars at night and walking in the golden sand dunes. The coastal and marine areas are rich in diversity Biologist, as evidenced by the rush of many people from all over the world to relax in the sandy beaches  And watching the nesting of sea turtles, along with coral reefs rich in marine life, have all contributed This is because the Sultanate ranked first in the world in terms of environmental tourism in 2010, according to a newspaper ranking  Berlina is the German electronic specialist zautun crown. Al-Akhzami affirmed that the natural reserves constitute the cornerstone of the ecotourism in the Sultanate, with its unique natural resources, attractive environmental diversity, and great care for wild and marine life. At the end of his speech, he stressed that the Ministry is seeking, through the development of ecotourism in natural reserves, to manage natural resources and enhance the participation of stakeholders in the development process and the application of approved policies  Sustainable practices in nature reserves in general. Therefore, it is necessary to integrate tourism activities Environmental reserves in natural reserves with the various tourism investment sectors in terms of tourism planning, planning, promotion and competitions in a way that provides elements of sustainability inside and outside the reserves. The ceremony included a lecture on natural reserves and tourism activities that can be practiced in the reserves, presented by Eng. Ahmed bin Saeed Al Shukaili, Director of the Natural Reserves Department, during which he reviewed how to manage sustainable environmental tourism in natural reserves, also touched on methods of protecting wildlife and establishing Natural Reserves . Then, the attendees toured the exhibition accompanying the ceremony, in which several parties participated, namely the Ministry of Tourism, Hayya Water Company, and Beeqa Company.  Crimean trees and marine birds in the reserve, as well as birds migrating to the reserve coming from several countries, and this event was also used in setting up a campaign to clean the reserve from  Waste.