"The Sultanate participates in the 22nd meeting of the ministers responsible for environmental affairs of the GCC countries."

"The Sultanate participates in the 22nd meeting of the ministers responsible for environmental affairs of the GCC countries." open-box

His Excellency Dr. Abdullah bin Ali Al-Omari, Chairman of the Environment Agency, participated in the twenty-second meeting of the ministers responsible for environmental affairs in the countries of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf, which was held by visual communication. His Excellency said in his intervention at the opening of the meeting, on my behalf and on behalf of the Environment Authority of the Sultanate. It is my pleasure and honor to join you in the meeting (22).
Whereas, since the dawn of the blessed renaissance, the Sultanate has devoted great attention to protecting both humans and the environment from pollution of all kinds, sources and effects, and protecting the environment, preserving its natural resources and protecting them from degradation and depletion was a top priority, along with protecting wildlife and preserving its natural vocabulary, in addition to To join all international and regional agreements related to environmental affairs and commit to implementing them, in order to ensure the rights of all generations to benefit from the diverse natural resources in a balanced and fair manner.
And the march of environmental work in the GCC countries has become the most important basic pillars to serve the 2030 sustainable development goals that we seek to achieve in all of our countries to ensure the preservation of the environment and the sustainability of its natural resources and to secure a healthy environment for present and future generations. We in the Sultanate of Oman are fully convinced that the road is paved for more achievements in the environmental issue, and we are working to achieve them in line with the goals and objectives of sustainable development 2030 and Oman Vision 2040.
The Oman Vision 2040 focuses on many pillars, the most important of which is the environment of its elements is sustainable, preserved and safe, its systems are efficient and balanced, and its resources are renewable by ensuring a balance between the environmental dimension and the economic and social dimensions and at all levels of development planning by protecting natural resources and dealing with them in a safe and sound way to ensure their sustainability and in light of The Corona pandemic, which constituted a warning to mankind of the need for change to prepare the future for a better stage, we must take measures and policies that are more sustainable and environmentally friendly.
We are grateful for the efforts and achievements made by the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council during the course of work in all areas, including the field of joint environmental work, which paid attention to all environmental components of scarcity of water resources, land degradation, vegetation cover, coastal environments, marine pollution, air pollution, and waste management.
Therefore, concerted efforts must be made, and we are continuing with you on this path to address these challenges to alleviate their severity and reduce their negative effects, and that only comes through the harmonization of economic development requirements with societal needs, environmental protection and the preservation of natural resources and their sustainability for future generations. In conclusion, we extend our sincere thanks to His Excellency the Secretary-General for his support. We also extend our thanks and appreciation to all employees of the General Secretariat of the Cooperation Council for the efforts made in the march of our joint work and for preparing and preparing for this meeting.
After that, the meeting started by discussing and discussing working papers submitted by member states and other topics listed on the meeting schedule submitted by their Excellencies the agents responsible for environmental affairs in the GCC countries, where a number of environmental issues of concern to the GCC countries were discussed in relation to the development of the joint environmental work process And ways to advance it in light of the global challenges facing the environment and climate and the developments in the fields and prospects for sustainable development. Their Excellencies also dealt with many files related to the vision of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques regarding the promotion of joint environmental action, approving the environmental policy document, preparing environmental strategies for the GCC countries, and developing monitoring systems. Environmental and discussing unified environmental law and other issues related to developing joint environmental action for the GCC countries, and cooperating with various international organizations and bodies to promote environmental protection programs in the interest of the safety and security of society.