The Sultanate receives praise from the International Whaling Agency

The Sultanate receives praise from the International Whaling Agency open-box

The Environment Agency has received praise from the International Whaling Agency for the Sultanate’s efforts in saving the humpback whale stuck in the net in the port of Duqm. His Excellency Dr. Abdullah bin Ali Al-Omari, Chairman of the Authority, received a letter of appreciation issued by Dr. Rebecca Lint, Executive Secretary of the International Agency.

Where the International Whaling Agency expressed its happiness to hear the news of the rescue of the humpback whale caught in the nets in the port of Duqm recently, thanks to the cooperation of a number of partners in the public and private sectors, and stated that the humpback whale in the Arabian Sea is unique as it is the only group of this type that does not They migrate, but rather spend their entire life in the Arabian Sea, and with this unique character, it is severely threatened with extinction, and this is what makes the rescue operation that the authority carried out with its partners of great importance.

The IAEA indicated that the Scientific Committee of the International Whaling Agency has listed the humpback whale in the Arabian Sea from the five groups most at risk of extinction, which means that the rescue of only one whale has a significant impact on genetic diversity and population restoration.

The Executive Secretary of the Agency also mentioned that the IAEA Coordinator responsible for responding to entanglement incidents may have the honor to invite the Environment Agency to Muscat to conduct training for the process of responding to entanglement incidents, stressing that the process requires the concerted efforts of several bodies such as the coast guard, ports and others, in addition to the trained response teams to achieve an effective response. Safe

At the conclusion of the IAEA's speech, she confirmed that the Sultanate's government has succeeded in responding to the emergency and other incidents that threaten the marine environment.

It is worth noting that the rescue operation was formed by a team from the authority, the port of Duqm and experts from the Five Oceans Company, in addition to the Royal Navy of Oman and the Royal Air Force of Oman.