The Sultanate celebrates Omani Environment Day January 8, 2021

The Sultanate celebrates Omani Environment Day January 8, 2021 open-box

The Sultanate celebrates the Omani Environment Day as an affirmation of continuing efforts in preserving the environment and preserving its natural resources. This year’s celebration comes under the slogan “A Cooperative Society for a Sustainable Environment”, an embodiment of the importance of joint cooperation in protecting the environment and defending it from various government sectors, the private sector, civil society institutions, citizens and residents. .
This day, which falls on January 8 every year, also comes to express the concern that the Sultanate has attached to the environment since the beginning of the blessed renaissance, and the completion of the system of laws and legislations, until the Omani society has considered preserving the environment one of its main concerns and goals, and since the announcement of the celebration of the Omani Environment Day according to Under the directives of His Majesty the late Sultan Qaboos bin Said bin Taymour, may God rest his soul, and the Sultanate prepares this day as a day in which he recalls what has been accomplished in the environmental field and what will be built on it in the future.
The Environment Agency, through Oman Vision 2040, seeks to continue efforts to protect the Omani environment, to achieve sustainable development goals in preserving natural resources, to ensure a balance between the environmental dimension and the economic and social dimensions at all levels of development planning, and to emphasize the axes covered by the vision.
In conjunction with this celebration, His Excellency Dr. Abdullah bin Ali Al-Omari, Chairman of the Environment Authority, affirmed in an interview with him that the Sultanate’s celebration on the eighth of January of every year reflects the Omani Environment Day, which reflects the extent of interest and the position of the Omani environment in this country, and that the Omani Environment Day is an important station. To celebrate those good efforts made by public and private institutions and the various members of the Omani society to preserve the integrity of the ecosystems and protect them from threats. It is the same approach established by the late Sultan Qaboos bin Said bin Taimur, may God rest his soul, since the beginning of the seventies of the last century, making Oman a model to be emulated in serving environmental issues and achieving a balance between the requirements of comprehensive development, protection of the biosphere and conservation of natural resources.
His Excellency added: The renewed renaissance of His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tariq, may God protect him, came to consolidate the concept of preserving the environment as a single core axis concerned with environmental affairs out of the four axes on which the Oman 2040 vision is based, which His Majesty adopted to be put into practice in the first of January of this year to lead the comprehensive development plans towards achieving the aspirations of the leadership and people of Oman, including the protection of the Omani environment, its ecosystems and its biodiversity, as well as the development plans and requirements of the next stages, and that the Environment Agency will work to continue efforts side by side with all institutions and individuals from the Omani community And those interested in environmental affairs to achieve various programs, initiatives and projects in pursuit of the goals of the blessed national vision 2040.
In conclusion of his speech, His Excellency affirmed that the march of environmental work is going ahead and continues to preserve the unique Omani environmental components, for a sustainable clean Omani environment for us and for future generations, as well as presenting his capacities in his name and on behalf of all employees of the Environment Agency and those interested in environmental affairs with the highest verses of congratulations and blessings to the high position of His Holiness His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tariq, may God preserve and protect him, the first sponsor of the environmental march in this dear homeland, and for all the sons of this country and protectors of its natural vocabulary and its unique environmental components.
In conjunction with the celebration of the Omani Environment Day, the Environment Agency will implement a set of programs to celebrate this day, including the participation of a group of volunteer teams in the environmental field in the Environment Day ceremony, and celebrating what they have accomplished during the past period. The program also includes a range of field activities, including a volunteer campaign To raise awareness of the damages of plastic bags in the various governorates of the Sultanate, and cleaning campaigns with community participation in the various governorates.