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International cooperation is one of the most important points of contact between the authority and regional, Arab and international bodies, as the specialists study, evaluate and follow up the topics received from various regional, Arab and international organizations, and coordinate with the competent authorities inside and outside the authority and prepare a plan for bilateral technical cooperation with countries of the world and follow up on agreements with international and Arab organizations And the study of various areas of cooperation and evaluation annually, preparing the work of the bilateral and joint committees and implementing their recommendations in coordination with the competent authorities and coordinating with international and regional organizations regarding the Sultanate’s participation in external conferences and events related to the various activities of the Authority and taking all measures related to external participation and the visit of official delegations to the Sultanate in accordance with For the laws and regulations in force in coordination with the competent authorities and to prepare reports on the activities of regional, Arab and international organizations in which the Commission has a membership and suggest possible ways to benefit from the activities and programs implemented by these organizations

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