Emerging Technologies

Drones open-box

The use of drones with high-quality technologies and sensors in several areas related to the environment, such as desertification control, wildlife monitoring, monitoring of violations of wild animals such as overfishing, gas emission monitoring and marine environment monitoring, such as coral reefs. Technology withhold further benefits following:

  • Monitor Ocean Health and Marine Ecosystem
  • Used for investigations purposes and high-risk events i.e. spillages, radiation, damages, sabotage
  • Used for regular and routine inspections, observations and verification processes
  • Monitor greening agriculture, soil health and other factors
  • Support clean and renewable energy projects in monitoring and selection of appropriate sites
  • Monitor Natural Reserves and Wildlife without disturbing the ecosystem
  • Careful monitoring of all environmental pollutants.
  • Monitor and combat desertification.
  • Monitor wildlife and marine life with ease, fast and intelligent technology that eases the burden on the ministry's specialized staff in this field.
  • Environment Monitoring and Inspection