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Environmental Occasions

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International environment day open-box

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The anniversary of the first global conference on environment by United Nations in 1972 in Stockholm, Sweden. It represents a call for the peoples of the world to concert efforts to protect the earth's resources and work towards environmental sanitation
  • Date : 05 Jun

International day to combat desertification open-box

The anniversary of the adoption by the General Assembly of the United Nations the international convention known as United Nations Convention to combat desertification, in December 1992 and started to be implemented in 1996. The Sultanate joined the convention under the Royal Decree No. 5/96
  • Date : 17 Jun
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International day for the preservation of the ozone layer open-box

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The anniversary of the signing of the Montreal Protocol on this day in 1987 AD, and it is considered a global date to remind the importance of protecting the ozone layer, which acts as a protective shield surrounding the atmosphere of the planet, and international efforts continue to limit the use of chemicals that erode this vital layer.
  • Date : 16 Sep

World Habitat Day open-box

On the 6th of October each year the world celebrates World Habitat Day, organized annually by the United Nations program of the environment to serve as an invitation and confirmation of the awakening of the world to protect the natural habitat (habitat: the environments in which the organisms live).
  • Date : 06 Oct
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Arab Environment Day open-box

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The anniversary of the first Arabic Ministerial Conference on Arabic environmental affairs which was held in Tunisia in 1989. This day has been allocated as an occasion to be celebrated annually as proposed by the Sultanate's delegation that participated in the meeting  
  • Date : 14 Oct
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