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International Organisations & Agreements

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The GCC Environmental Sector Meetings open-box

  • Country : Riyadh
  • Joint Date : 1981
  • Scope :

    Meeting represented by Excellencies, Ministers Responsible for Environmental Affairs in the GCC

The Regional Organization for the Protection of the Marine Environment open-box

  • Country : Kingdom of Bahrain
  • Joint Date : 1979
  • Scope :

    is an organization to protect the marine environment in the organization's work area (the Kingdom of Bahrain, the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Republic of Iraq, the State of Kuwait, the Sultanate of Oman, the State of Qatar, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates) which is the convention called for by the United Nations Program The United Environment in 1974 in order to prevent marine pollution in the region and reduce its effects. This organization was established based on the application of the Kuwait Regional Agreement for Cooperation in the Protection of the Marine Environment from Pollution in 1978 and the protocol on regional cooperation in combating oil and other harmful substances in emergency situations, and the Sultanate ratified the accession to the aforementioned organization in 1979 by Royal Decree No. (8/79) on March 8, 1979 and is now actively participating in the meetings. The agreement also established the MEMAC Center for Maritime Emergency Mutual, based in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and the center works to help the OIC countries to combat pollution resulting from oil and other harmful substances.

The Ramsar Agreement, open-box

  • Country : Gland, Switzerland
  • Joint Date : 2012
  • Scope :

    Relates to cooperation in the scientific and technical field, assistance to the states parties in preparing their annual reports, providing scientific and technical advice, and announcing the Ramsar sites

The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Plants and Animals open-box

  • Country : Geneva, Switzerland
  • Joint Date : 2007
  • Scope :

    Works to control the indiscriminate activities that are carried out in secret to trade in wild animals and plants and prevent illegal traffic.

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